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List of Additional In-House Services That May Be Indicated


This is a non-invasive test to evaluate the health and the age of your arteries. The #1 killer is still cardiovascular disease and prevention is always the smartest decision. The cost is $150.00.



This is an advanced technology to listen to the sounds of the heart and to visually observe the sounds representing various aspects in relationship to nutritional needs that may affect heart function. The cost is $250.00.


The OligoScan is a noninvasive technology the gives us indications of toxic metals and mineral ratios. The cost is $175.00.


This is the technology that I use to track my patients’ progress throughout treatment. This is a noninvasive test that looks at the different systems that regulate the body. The main system is the Autonomic Nervous System that regulates 90% of the body’s activities and it is involved in your ability to adapt to stress of all kinds and is a major indicator of health and longevity. There are thousands of research papers on Heart Rate Variability. The HeartQuest goes way beyond Heart Rate Variability and also looks at possible indications of mineral and neurotransmitter balance, inflammatory, thyroid imbalances and a lot more. We do not diagnose or treat disease with the HeartQuest but we can tell what direction your health is moving. The cost is $150.00.

Psychoemotional Testing

Psychoemotional Blocks to Health:
The Reba technology is a device that was developed in Germany to utilize Psychosomatic Energetics.  This is a technique that combines ancient healing knowledge and physics with modern medicine and psychology. The Reba technology helps to uncover the hidden energy blocks to healing and uses very specific complex homeopathic remedies to remove these blocks. This system of healing is incredibly accurate and effective. The cost is $175.00 for the test and the remedies are separate. These remedies are not a substitute for acute or emergency medical advice or treatment, especially in cases of psychiatric illness.

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