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It is now possible to evaluate your genetics looking at the relationships between genetic variants  and how they may be affecting your health and how fast your body is aging.

We match your symptoms with your genetic variants or mutations that have to do with function. Vary special lab tests will also be run to give us the most advanced comprehensive look at your health. We then use targeted nutrition to improve how your body functions. We do not treat disease.

Most importantly is the  advanced software program that is constantly being upgraded based on new science that looks at the Genetic variants, Symptoms and labs to give us clues to your potential weaknesses.




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Get Answers to Your Health Issues by Testing Your DNA
Your DNA may be hindering your health

We are looking at patterns that may affect how your body deals with damaging free radicals speeding up the aging process and causing inflammation.

Patterns Paint

A Picture

Genetic Perspective is Key

Everything in the body is connected like a spider web. Even using nutritional therapies with the right intentions has to be done from this perspective and given in the right sequence.

The intention is not to use nutrition to treat symptoms but use it to improve the deeper core nutritional imbalances impacting your Health as seen by looking at the genetic code.

Use Nutrition to Improve Imbalances

Everything in Your Body is Connected Like A Spider Web

  • Do you produce the proper chemistry that turns down the Genes that you don’t want to express?

  • Do you have the chemistry that can make healthy brain neurotransmitters that might possibly affect your mood?

  • Is your chemistry able to make adequate Nitric  Oxide to protect your arteries?

  • Is your body able to eliminate toxins optimally?

  • Do you have potential problems with certain foods like gluten or peanuts?


DNA Genetic Testing is revolutionizing the way we think toward health and illness.  Discover how your DNA impacts your health and get a truly personalized treatment plan to include the essential nutrients needed compensate for inherited deficiencies.